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PCAP Series

This propane cap is an economical cap to protect the valve on your propane tank.  These caps offers excellent protection against impact and contaminants during storage and transit.  These tamper evident caps are equipped with a tear-tab to ensure the tank reaches the end-user in optimum condition.  The tear-tab is designed ergonomically conscious to ensure quick, easy removal by the end-user.


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BC Series

Use the bottle cap series to protect SCBA bottle valve during transit and storage.  Designed for fire houses, these caps protect the valve threads from impact damage, contaminants and moisture.  Designed with a large knurled head so firemen wearing gloves can easily grab to remove or apply.


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TES Series

Series TES Tamper-Evident Seals provide a positive, self-locking  cj=hain that breaks upon activating, thereby indicating that the seal, lock or device has been disturbed.


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PVW Series

The PVW oxygen wrench is designed to be compact and user-friendly.  This patented design offers three different ports the user can choose from to provide the most comfortable fit.  The design is versatile to accomodate both right- and left-handed individuals.  These wrenches can be pad-printed with company information and are ideal for giveaways at trade shows or as a promotion with each tank filling.


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UES Series

This strap is for use on any compressed gas cylinder valve.  The UES strap is designed to fit a full range of CGA-listed valves.  The versatile dual-locking system allows it to be used as a cap or plug and provides tamper evidence for both.  The strap is molded in flexible but durable material making it ideal for use in all climates.


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